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What Are The Basic Safety Features Of A Car?

The safety feature is the technology that tries to prevent hazardous situations or minimize the impact of it on its occupants. Safety features are the important factor that decides the quality of the car along with with the comfort features and performance.  In recent years cars increasing the demand for safe cars, and auto manufacturers are adding basic safety features to even entry-level cars to ensure safety standards are met. Are you considering buying a new car for your family? You must have basic safety features that save a life of occupants in the worst cases. We will explain to you what are the basic safety features of a car that are a must and should.

Basic Safety Features Of A Car

Types Of Safety Features

Before knowing about the safety features let’s understand types of the safety features in the car. Majorly the safety feature is divided into 2 types. One is an active safety feature other is a passive safety feature.

Passive Safety Features

Passive safety features protect you in case of an accident or collision. This type of safety feature involves the whole structural design of the vehicle and basic features that minimize the impact of the collision on its occupants. In other words, Passive safety features protect the collision. 

Active Safety Features

Active safety features work actively to prevent or avoid accidents or hazardous situations. It is a combination of intelligence and sensors that establish the communication between a car and a driver and act accordingly. In other words, active safety features are preventive mechanisms.

What Are The Basic Safety Features Of A Car?

  • Strong Crumple Zone And Side-Impact Beams
  • High Strength And Shatterproof Glass.
  • Airbags- Front And Curtain
  • Front Seat Belt Reminder 
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Abs  And Electronic Brake-Force Distribution
  • Auto Hill Hold 
  • Speed Sensing Door Lock
  • Parking Sensors And Rear View Camera
  • Child-Proof Rear Window Locking

These are the basic safety feature of a car. Let us explain why it is important and how it works.

Strong Crumple Zone and Side Impact Beams

 Basic Safety Features Of A Car?

The car has to be designed with a strong and rigid crumple zone and a side impact beam. A strong crumple zone absorbs the force energy during a front crash, reducing the occupants’ injuries. Strong Crumple zones act as a passive safety feature for the car controlling the deformation during the collision.

Side impact bars increase the rigidity and strength of the doors and distribute the energy in the side crashes. Hence side of the car must be designed with strong impact-absorbing beams to reduce the risk of injuries to the occupants. This defines the build quality of the car. In other words, prefer a car that has good build quality. Strong crumple zone and side impact beams are the basic safety features of a car.

High Strength And Shatterproof Windshield

 Basic Safety Features Of A Car?

Shatterproof glasses are shatter-resistant glasses that do not shatter during a collision.  it will hold the shards from your glass in place and prevent the glass from shattering dangerously inwards hurting the occupants. This is one of the passive and basic safety features of a car.

Safety Airbags

 Basic Safety Features Of A Car?

Airbags are lifesavers in the collision. They are inflatable cushion balloons equipped in the vehicle interiors. When the object from outside starts hitting the car, Sensors get to activate and inflate the balloon cushions to safeguard the inside occupants. Airbags are the passive and basic safety features of the car.

Airbags are of multiple level Drive airbags, Dual airbags, and Curtain airbags likewise.

Front Seat Belt Reminder 

 Basic Safety Features Of A Car?

Seat belts are an important part of the passive safety system that protects the occupants by pulling them back against the impact of the collision. Certain times we forget to put on seat belts and that’s why seat belt reminder is important. It will start beeping once you move your car without fixing the seat belt. This is the must-have basic safety feature of a car.

Electronic Stability Control

 Basic Safety Features Of A Car?

ESC is an important active safety feature that a car must have. This feature helps to prevent losing control of the car due to oversteering or improper braking. When the car starts to spin out, a set of sensors helps to correct and balance your car back on the route by adjusting your speed and selectively braking one or more wheels. This is an active basic safety feature of a car

ABS  and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution

An Anti-lock braking system with electronic brake force distribution is one more important active safety feature that plays a crucial role in braking, especially in the worst driving conditions.

In ABS and EBD, the braking sensors on the wheels send a signal to the ABS Electronic control unit, ABS unit applies and releases the brake in rapid succession to avoid the locking up of the wheel to give more control to the driver. And EBD distributes the braking force to individual wheels depending on the speed providing more stability in braking. This is the most important most basic safety feature of a car.

Auto Hill Hold Assist 

 Basic Safety Features Of A Car?

This auto hill holds assists is one more important active safety feature, especially for new drivers. This feature prevents rollback on an incline by holding the brakes while you remove your leg from the brake to push the accelerator pedals. The sensor in the car detects the car is inclined it will hold the brake until you press the accelerator to prevent rollback. This is the beginner’s best basic safety feature of a car.

Speed Sensing Door Lock

Speed Sensing Door Lock

The speed-sensing door lock is also an important safety feature that avoids the possibility of opening the door while the vehicle is moving. Speed-sensing door lock feature automatically locks the door once the vehicle starts moving with a minimum speed. And It will get open only when the engine is turned off. 

Parking Sensors Or Rear View Camera 

Parking Sensors Or Rear View Camera 

This is also a helpful feature for beginners. Taking the car backward blindly is risky. Sometimes objects can not be identified in the mirrors. It may lead to minor or major collisions. Parking sensors or rear-view cameras provide real-time pictures of the rear side. Which is very much helpful in safe parking or reverse driving.

Child-Proof Rear Window Locking

Child-Proof Rear Window Locking

This feature is very important for the child’s safety. If the kids are sitting in the rear seat knowingly or unknowingly anytime they may open the door. Child-proof locking does not allow the door to open from the inside unless someone opens it from the outside pulling the door handle. You can comfortably concentrate on your driving without worrying much about the kids sitting behind you. Considering the safety of children this is the important basic safety feature every car must have.

Strong Crumple Zone And Side-Impact Beams, High Strength Shatterproof Glass, Airbags- Front And Curtain, Front Seat Belt Reminder, Electronic Stability Control, ABS And Electronic Brake-Force Distribution, Auto Hill Hold, Parking Sensors And Rear View Camera, Child-Proof Rear Window Locking, Speed Sensing Door Lock are the Basic Safety Features Of A Car that are important and must have in the car to minimize the injuries and fatalities.

I hope you have an idea about what are the basic safety features of a car. Any of these safety features may save a life at any time. Please consider this while buying a car.

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