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How To Choose A Car In India

Planning to buy a new car? How To Choose A Car In India? well, Buying a car is a dream for every car enthusiast. Investing hard-earned money in your dreams is something precious. But With plenty of options available in the market choosing the right car to serve your purpose is not much easier. A huge set of models and several segments make your decision complicated. In this blog, we will let you some essential criteria which are needed to be considered when buying a new car in India. Take these points as a priority and choose your car. Let me explain to you how to choose a car in India.

How To Choose A Car In India

Budget, Financial support, Purpose, Segment, Safety, Service, Resale Value, Test drive experience, and Dealer price are the factors that matter to choose a car in India. In this article let us understand completely how to choose a car in India.

Budget: Fix It First

How To Choose A Car In India

Before searching for the cars and their models. First, fix your possible budget according to your pocket size. An overpriced car may burden you financially because you need to invest in the fuel and maintenance costs to operate the car further. This oversized EMI may burden you financially. So it is vital to know your budget and Plan accordingly. Looking at the fancy market do not invest blindly. Stick to your budget.

Finance Support: Keep It Minimum

If you are taking the finance support before signing the agreement understand the terms and conditions, interest rate, and EMI calculation thoroughly. Interest rates keep on increasing with time.  Even if you are clearing the loan amount before the scheduled date some scheme will charge you pre-payment charges for that. 

If you opt for EMI you need to pay much more amount than the cost of the car. If you miss out on the Installment you may need to pay the penalties which are again a burden. Our suggestion is to take the credit amount as low as possible.

Purpose: Make it clear

Make sure of the intent of buying your car whether it is for daily commuting, Weeken driving, highway use, city ride, family purpose, etc. If you are buying for daily commuting then you need to go for a compact efficient car to maneuver through the traffic and efficient enough to manage the fuel. If you are traveling for long drives and want a thrilling driving experience you need to go for the premium cars.  Make it clear if it is serving your purpose.

Segment And The Fuel: Know It Better

How To Choose A Car In India

The cars are manufactured in different segments such as Compact Hatchback, Hatchback, Seda, Compact SUV, SUV, MPV, Commercial vehicle, etc. Each segment offers its own advantages and disadvantages. As I mentioned earlier Compact hatchbacks help in city limits, and Sedan helps for long drives which give you a comfortable traveling experience and enough boot space to carry your luggage. SUV ( Sports utility vehicle) gives you a thrilling driving experience, advanced technology, and features. MPV ( Multipurpose Vehicles)  are spacious cars capable of carrying more the 5 seats. They are meant for commercial traveling with more occupants.

It’s better to understand which fuel type engine suits your purpose better. Petrol cars are aggressive and active and need less maintenance other way diesel cars are powerful and stable and need to pay a bit extra for the maintenance.

Service Availability and Cost

Once you get your hands on your car, it needs regular service to run it without any trouble. So it is very important to know the availability and quality of the service they are providing in your city. If the service center is far away from you it will be difficult to travel every time for hours to service your car and if the quality of the service is not up to the mark then you need to struggle for the issues and solutions. It’s essential to make sure of the availability and the quality of the service.

Safety: Must and Should


 Nothing is more than life. Safety is the most essential part of the Car. To understand better safety you can have a look at the Global NCAP safety rating which determines the level of safety a particular car offers. 5 Star-rated cars are the safest and 0-star-rated cars are the least safe. Build quality is the first factor that decides safety and the second is the features. Below are some of the important safety features presently manufacturers are providing in India

  • Anti-Theft Alarm 
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Multi-collision Braking (MKB)
  • High Strength Steel Frames and  Structure
  • Driver And Passenger Front Airbags 
  • Front Side Airbags 
  • Curtain Airbags  
  • Park Distance Control  
  • Hill hold assist
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System 
  • Rear View Camera with Guidelines 
  • SOS Option
  • ISOFIX- Child seat
  • Blind view Monitoring
  • 360 Surround View System

These features are very crucial to offer safety to the occupants. Consider these features while buying a new car.

Features and Technology

With increasing trends in features and technology, every manufacturer coming up with advanced version features to counter the competition in the market. These feature makes your drive effortless and offer maximum comfort. Below are the trending features offered by the car manufacturer in India.

  • Wireless Charging
  • Ventilated Seat
  • Different Types Of Sunroofs
  • Ambient Light
  • Day And Night Rearview Mirror
  • Vehicle Stability Management
  • Cruise Control
  • Premium Quality Infotainment 
  • Best-in-class instrument cluster
  • Advanced Safety Feature
  • Keyless Entry

Get the feature if you think that is value for money.

Resale Value

Make a small research on the resale value of the car. In the future, if you need to replace your car you should get the best resale value so that you can sell the car and get the new one with minimum investment. Top-brand cars with the best service availability have the best resale value. Research resale value well before choosing a car in India.

Test Drive And Shortlist The Car

test drive

Shortlist the cars of your choice with the factors we said above to take the test drive to understand the car and get a hands-on driving experience and then go with the best one that serves your purpose. Also, you get to know the benefits and limitations of the car practically before making the decision.

Shortlist The Dealer With  A Best Price

best dealer

Get in touch with multiple dealers for the commercial proposal and try to negotiate as much as possible. You can get better rates for insurance and accessories depending on the dealers. Get the price from all the nearby dealers and go with the best price. There may be possiblity of discount structure at the different dealer. Atleast take the quote from 3 dealers and negotiate for the best price.

These are the important things to be followed while buying a car in India. Understand the car, know its purpose, and select the choice of your car that is value for money.

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